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Urban Reach tv

Urban Reach TV is a new platform. Its mission is to create opportunities for young people. To bridge the gap between young people and the creative industries. To entertain, educate and engage young people. A one stop network that can offer young people job opportunities, training, work experience, debate, self express and support. We will link other important youth organisations, corporate industry and charities under one umbrella.



During May we will launch the Spoken Word competition as part of our continued Anti Knife Crime Campaign. This project is in association with Somerville Youth and Play Provision in SE14 London. 

Opportunities for 13 - 20 year olds to inspire others about the many issues concerning knife crime.

Youth Workers are a life line 

gofilm it is proud to be in partnership with Somerville Youth and supported by Mama Youth Project


The launch of the spoken word competition is in direct response to the following

SINCE 2011

Over 3,000 youth workers jobs have been cut.

Councils are struggling to hold onto any kind of youth service provision under the present huge cuts.

Over 600 youth centres have been closed in the last 6 years. 

Violent crime  is reaching levels the system and emergency services can not cope with. 

Our children, our next generation are living in fear - and this has to change. Closing our front doors will not make it go away.

Prevention is our weapon. We will turn the power switch on and share across the internet, positive youth content.

The videos and materials created from this spoken word competition will support the continued essential work of the out reach youth team. Engaging with those deemed hard to reach. Be shown in schools, community centres and across social media.

This project is being supported by you, members of the community. We receive no central funding, and your kind donations allows us to continue our work in supporting young people.

ITV NEWS April  2018

ITV news do a special report on Knife Crime and interview filmmaker Cassius Rayner and director of Somerville Youth Bradley Cummings.


















Urban Reach TV

Will be a very exciting network for young people. A platform that will celebrate young people. A platform that will create endless content for young people by young people. Information, support and inspiration for young people to follow their hearts and their dreams.

We need your support. get in touch, ask us a question. 

Your donations makes all the difference, if you are interested in sponsorships, or brand supporting drop us a line and we will send you an information pack.

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