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We have switched the power on. 

So what's this all about?


MY VOICE- Residents of Lewisham Borough - is going to be a big series of short films about young people who against the odds are driving forward with their positive beliefs, talent, gift, ambition and passion. No matter what their background is they have chosen to do something they really believe in - whether it's sports, music, art, academic studies, politics, or just giving back to the community. We want those stories - WHY? because the majority of young people in school are just trying to get by, survive, and follow a dream, and we want to share that with as many others as possible. EVERY YOUNG PERSON DESERVES TO DREAM


If you are a young person or someone who knows a young person living in the Borough of Lewisham - then get in touch with us. Parents /Carers / teachers / youth workers - get in touch and tell us about a young person you know who has fought against the odds or just has a natural gift.



Want to learn how to shoot great video on your smartphone?

This workshop is designed for young people aged 16+ to learn all aspects of smartphone filmmaking - get in touch if you would like to sign up to learn from the No: 1 award winning smartphone filmmaker Cassius Rayner.

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